Post-Obesity Process

Obesity is the excessive amount of fat in the body. The main problem is that the energy taken into the body is more than the consumed energy. Unspent energy in the body is stored in the liver as fat. The resulting excessive fat causes obesity.

Things to Consider After Obesity Surgery

The period after the obesity surgery is very important. It is possible to regain weight after obesity surgery; therefore, it is very important to have a healthy diet and do exercise at the same time. People who have obesity before surgery are generally those who have problems with healthy eating and exercise. But this situation should definitely change after surgery. Since the stomach will substantially shrink after the tube stomach surgery, which is performed frequently, the person will be full with less nutrition. The important thing at this point is to follow the diet with healthy foods and start exercising.

Nutrition After Obesity Surgery

Consumption of foods with high calories should be avoided. It should be tried not to consume foods and beverages with high calories. Moreover, especially the beverages containing sugar should not be consumed. Sugar increases a person’s blood sugar rapidly and then creates a quick feeling of hunger. For this reason, these beverages should definitely be avoided. Water should be consumed frequently. Nutrition should be protein-based. In this regard, it is also important to swallow food by chewing it very well. In the first days after the surgery, nutrition should be provided with liquid foodstuff. A smooth transition should be made to light solid food over time. Carbohydrate-based diets should be avoided.

Exercise After Obesity Surgery

Light walks are taken first. After taking light walks for up to 15 days after the operation, outdoor walks can be started. Swimming can be adopted as an exercise. Swimming is one of the best sports that keep the whole body working. 1 or 2 months after the operation, exercises can be started actively without abdominal movements.